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nearly a dozen people sent to
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the hospital after a scar bonn monoxide scare. it happened on courtland avenue. 11 people taken to the hospital after feeling faint. thomas roman is live at saint francis medical center. >> st. francis memorial hospital is one of the hospitals where the 11 victims were brought a few hours ago. san francisco firefighters say the family had a working carbon monoxide detector in the home. but the family told firefighters they had heard the de ect iter beep -- the detector beeping and they thought it was a low battery. firefighters and medical technicians are helping a mother and her small children into an ambulance on court land avenue in -- vernal heights. firefighters and several ambulances were called at 7:00 p.m. after receiving calls of people feeling faint possibly due of carbon monoxide poisoning. >> they did have co readings
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in their system. we have 11 patients being transported for further observation. >> people transported are family members and friends visiting from the thanksgiving holiday. she was visiting in the lower unit when the firefighters arrived. >> the neighbors came down and told us we should get out because the uh -- the alarms were going out and they tested positive for carbon monoxide. >> when firefighters tested for carbon monoxide the readings were negative, but the home's co alarm was emitting a steady beeping sound. >> they said it was going off for several days. they thought it was a low battery. >> this is the co testing gear the firefighters used on the residents. when they tested the -- me the reading was 1. some of the residents tested from 11 to 15 meaning they had the odorless and colorless gas in their systems and were feeling symptoms of the co
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poisoning. >> feeling light headedness and dizziness are some of the indications. >> it can come from gas appliances like faulty water heaters or space he heaters. it is the leading cause of poisoning in the country. residents won't be allowed back in until it is cleared by pg&e and the department of health. they say anywhere between 200 and 700 people die of carbon monoxide poisoning in the country each year. and firefighters say it is essential to have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home. live in san francisco, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you. abc7 news and bay area fire departments have joined forces to prevent casualties from fires and carbon monoxide poisonings. it is intended to increase awareness in bay area homes. it is part of the abc7's prepare norcal. go to operation 7 save a life on our website. look under see it on tv.
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new details on the deadly crash on highway 50 in el dorado county. the toyota prius cropped four lanes of traffic and hit a mini-van. four people were killed. three of the victims are from an oakland family. 38-year-old su and 39-year-old zhou all died in the prius in the sh extra. 10-year-old eli sai -- elia survived. in the mini-van nora elizabeth temple died. several survived. some people believe a slower speed limit could save lives. >> probably just need to slow it down. get it to slow down. >> it was 55 and then recently in the last couple years they raised it to 65. it is dangerous and scary. >> we spoke with family members who said the funeral for the oakland victims will be december 5th in san
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lorenzo. the thanksgiving holiday weekend has seen more fatalities than last year. they report that seven people have died on bay area roads one more than 2011. 159 people have been arrested for being under the influence. nape more than last year. the reporting period runs from wednesday until midnight tonight. among those who died were two sisters ejected when their car rear-ended a chp cruiser in palo alto on friday morning. the victims who were not wearing seatbelts who were returning with their family from a black friday shopping trip in gilroy. another fatality in south san francisco on northbound 101. tonight we learned it was a hit and run that killed a pedestrian who was walking on the freeway. chp is still looking for the driver who fled the scene. a plane on its way from novato to orange county crashed in southern california and good samaritans pulled the couple to safety. it went down on the field of
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cal straight northridge. the pilot on his way to john wayne airport radioed he was having engine problems. they careen need a chain link fence and flipped over. >> a gentleman ripped off a door and me and my friend and another gentleman got out a lady. she was saying her legs hurt. her husband was in the airplane, so we got the man and he was gushing blood down his face. joy despite the description the man and woman are described with minor injuries. no one on the ground was hurt. and now to leigh glaser for our first check on the weather and what is happening outside right now. leigh? >> ama, right now live doppler 7 is showing you clear skies and it is being reported up toward santa rosa where they have a quarter mile visibility. the fog is a big problem across the bay area. we will see it tomorrow morning. current readings in the 50s and as we look at the accu-weather 7 forecast coming up. protests in egypt are
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growing more intense. three days after mohamed morsi set new policies giving unlimited powers. one person was killed in street clashes between protesters and morsi supporters. members of the judicial and legislative bodies are now calling for the president's removal. at least 112 workers are dead after a fire raids through an eight-story garment factory. the fire strted on the ground floor and trapped hundreds of workers on the floors above. there were no emergency exits in the building. some of the people who died jumped from windows. the cause is still under investigation. the massachusetts state fire fire -- fire marshall says is it was caused by human error. it punctured a high pressure pipeline. it injured 18 people and damaged 42 pillings. buildings. same-sex marriage will be front and center. the justices will hold a closed door meeting to decide whether now is the time to
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rule on same-sex marriage. the court is expected to sift through appeals on california's proposition 8 and the national defense of marriage act. the issue isn't just what to decide, but when it should be decided. >> tonight a vallejo father is charged with killing a teenager after a fight involving the man's son. 44-year-old randy demar williams was arrested six hours after the deadly shooting at 3:30 a.m. police say william's son called him after a fight at a house party on robles way. family members identified the victim as 17-year-old gary white junior, a high school student with the hopes of playing college basketball. >> i never pictured myself burying my youngest brother. now i have to live with that. you feel me? >> a loud argument took place on the street before they heard five or sikh shots fired. witnesses helped them locate williams at his home in vallejo. san francisco police are looking for a person who
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stabbed a man in the head and neck. witnesses say two men were arguing on the sidewalk on jackson street near columbus avenue around 6:15. one of the men pulled out a knife. the victim was conscious when he was taken away in an ambulance. still to come, black friday is passe. now it is on to cyber monday as millions head on-line. and a dramatic underwater rescue. how divers saved this gentle giant's life. and the questions surrounding a college with cal puss nationwide. the abc news investigation into the admi
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the holiday week -- weekend is wrapping up, but retailers are ready for another shopping on slot. 247 million americans shopped this thanksgiving weekend. that's up 9% from last year. now the holiday shopping frenzy is moving from brick and mortar stores to the internet. lilian kim is live as we close in on cyber monday. hi, lilian. >> ama, union square has been a popular spot these past few days, but for shoppers it is now finding deals on-line. people went shopping in record numbers. total spending this thanksgiving weekend reached just over $59 billion. up almost 13% from last year. next up, cyber monday which on many retail sites has already started. he bought some camera equipment today.
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>> i dot -- i got a nice lens 30% off. >> cyber monday is expected it be to the bilgest on-line shopping day for the third year in a row. analysts expect shoppers to spend $1.5 billion, up from one and a outer qaer from last year. >> we know there has been a 17% growth in on-line shopping so far this holiday season. how that will go for the entire season, we are not sure, but people are definitely embracing clicks over bricks. >> many people we talk to say they will be setting aside time specifically for cyber monday shopping. despite this being the season of giving, shopping for others appears to be second priority. >> clothing and jewelry. >> for yourself? >> yes. >> what about christmas gifts ? >> first gift for myself, and then think about others. >> among the bargains, a 55-inch tv on amazon for 60% off. diamond earrings for up to 75% off. but as impressive as the deals
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sound, they have had enough of shopping for now. >> i like to do black friday and the usual coming to stores. >> did you do a lot of damage. damage? >> yes, too much. i'm done. >> if you happened to miss out on cyber monday deals, many merchants offer similar bargains during the first few weeks in december. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> that is good to know, thank you, lilian. and if you plan in partaking, here are some other tips to keep in mind. confirm the website is secure before entering information. look for an s after the http in the address. use only secure connections. a credit card offers more protection than your debit card and keep an order of order confirmations and receipts. and for paypal a big change could be in the works. at 11:45, michael finney will have a follow-up to a 7 on your side investigation. a health warning tonight about children and what is known as the bouncy house.
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a new study from the journal of pediatrics show those houses can be dangerous. in fact, the report suggests 30 children a day are sent to the emergency room from bounce house accidents. you can see a full report on good morning america on abc7. now to a dramatic and potentially deadly rescue mission under the sea caught on video. divers in the pacific ocean 250 miles off the shores of mexico came upon a giant whale sharken tang getted in a rope -- shark entangled in a rope is struggling for life. >> they turned into an unexpected rescue mission where divers 250 miles south of cabo san lucas came upon a 30-foot whale shark in serious trouble. a thick rope wound so tightly around its body and it had been there so long bar gnaw will cays were -- barnicals were building up on it. >> experienced dive master
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sprung into action with his pocket knife as the fellow divers looked on anxiously. more than a hundred feet beneath the surface. >> it wasn't difficult. >> as the rope falls away, the gentle giant moves on wounded, but finally free. their mission of mercy accomplished. and back aboard their boat, a hero's welcome. abc news, noshing. abc news, new york. >> good for them for doing that. >> absolutely. the fog is moving in already. it is a pretty good sign that early-morning commuters will have to slow it down a bit and allow for some extra strive time. here -- drive time. here is a look from our sutro cam and you can see clear skies. live doppler 7hd is picking up on clear skies inland as we are going is live.
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lets me go ahead and show you some of the visibilities for this hour. already less than a quarter of a mile visibility fairfield, novato and a quarter of a mile visibility due to the low clouds and fog in santa rosa. we are seeing some of the fog move around a bit. inland locations and out toward brentwood, 10 miles visibility there. you are all clear right now. here is a look at our current readings. 43 this napa and 52 in san rafael. san francisco is checking in at 54 degrees with light fog and 48 mountain view and 48 san jose. it is 46 right now in livermore. our forecast, low clouds and pockets of dense fog overnight. it will be a dry day and a cooler day for your monday, and then storms will begin to roll in here by the end of our workweek. this will mean the return of rain which could be heavy at times and very gusty winds. you will notice that the fog is carting to shift inland,
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especially near the coast and the bay. the peninsula and valley area, slow down. could slow down the commute and possibility of flight delays at sfo. 40s across the bay area and a few midto upper 30s as you head up to santa rosa and napa for the early morning hours. now let's get to these changes this week. by wednesday we will look for storm number one to bring the bay area rain and wind. another system, storm number two, will move in thursday night and friday. storm number two could actually bring us rain heavy at times and could be stronger than the storm that moves in on wednesday. let's go ahead and get the forecast in motion here. this is wednesday at 5:00 a.m. you will notice the rain spreading across the bay area. and it looks like this first system will be a fast mover. we may even see partial clearing late in the day on wednesday. we get into a nice break on thursday, and then after that
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storm number two will move in just in time for the friday morning commute. this is friday, and look at the heavy rain moving across the bay area. 3:00 on friday afternoon and more heavy rain. there is another system that will move in on saturday and sunday. the storm door is open. remember monday and tuesday will be dry. tuesday night the clouds thicken up and then the rain moves in on wednesday. highs on monday will bring it down a few degrees. 64 for antioch. 65 for livermore. we will go 62 for san rafael. 61 for san francisco. gilroy you will cool to 66 degrees. morning fog and afternoon hazy sun, 65. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, monday, tuesday are dry days. wednesday, storm number one moves in with rain and wind. we get a break -- we get a brief break and then more rain comes in on friday and lingering into saturday and sunday. big changes expected as we head into the middle part of our workweek.
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mike nico will be here with an update on the morning news from 4:30 to 7:00. >> thank you, leigh. shu is here with sports with how the niners did on the road jie. they did on kay. it doesn't matter who starts when their defense is playing the way they did.
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let's not forget the 49er defense is what drives this team. colin kaepernick got a second start at quarterback. without the top-ranked defense, the 9ers are not where they are in the standings. alex is playing out his role as a back up. next week we will see if we have a quarterback controversy. a 7-yard touchdown run. got the wheels to test the opposing defenses. drew brees has game and finding coal son for a club record 56 touchdown catch. brees and three td passes. the 9er defense came alive. under a minute to go in the half. brooks pick six and 50 yards
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for his first career touchdown. we are tied at 14 at the half. we go to the third quarter and kaepernick finds frank gore. niners up by 7. brees airs it out. he lays the wood and whitner gets the pick and 49ers with three td's in a span of three minutes 52 seconds. the first time since 1995 they have had two pick 6's. third road win. 31-21 your final and what about the quarterback situation? >> we have two good quarterbacks. it is tough. you feel bad for alex. coach said he is going with the hot happened. now we have two starting quarterbacks. we have a guy that is 2-0 that can half in the pocket and make plays with his feet and make plays with his arm. alex is a vet who is savy back there. don't make too many mistakes. that call will be coach's.
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>> could be trouble. even though the raiders are struggling under you new head coach dennis alan they have not quit on the season. that's the good news. the bad news, they had to battle the bengals and the officials in cinncinati. carson palmer returns to cinncinati for the first time since being traded. andy dalton and three td passes. what a catch. the bengals are 289 yards in the first half and up 24-0. the raiders never quit dominating the third. carson palmer to moore. palmer 146 yards and one td and a pick. now this is where the raiders got robbed. andy dalton hits anu. he knocks it back inbounds. the refs say an inadvertent whistle was blown. the bengals' ball was ridiculous. the play is long dead. that starts a brawl.
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raiders lose their fourth straight for the first time since 2008. they are now 3-8 with a 34-10 loss. we'll take a time-out and we are just getting started with your highlights. you never know what you will get in your plays of the day. stick around. these guys a
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this year on thanksgiving i was thankful for family, friends and our plays of the day. here we go, right here a computer glitch causes them to turn it on in the middle of the seahawk game. it didn't stop miami from scoring 17 points in the fourth quarter. a come from behind victory. helping out eli manning. we are still here. three td passes and 38-10 on sunday night football. chargers one play away from ending their two-game losing streak. 4th and 29 for baltimore. they couldn't stop ray rice on a dump off pass. he goes 29 yards and they win in ot. they improve to 9-2 and step close to an all harbaugh super
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bowl. peyton manning through two td's. his 149th victory, second only to brett favre. jenkins had two pick six's all by himself becoming the first rookie to do so since 1960. the rams win it 21-17. and the final play from north of the border, the tbrai cup canada super bowl. the air go notes beat the -- the argonauts beat the stampeedersers and those are your plays of the day. this report is brought to you by river rock casino. san jose state ranked 25th in the bcs rankings for the first time. congratulations. >> that's awesome. thank you, shu. still to come on abc news at 11:00, colleges accused of lying promising students jobs they never got. the abc news investigation. plus, apple wants to take a bigger bite out of samsung. the changes they are now pushing for in their patent lawsuit. we will be right back.
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i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, 11 people were sent to the hospital for possible carbon monoxide poisoning. police were called to a holiday family gathering after some of the adults were feeling faint. the names of the victims
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in last night's traffic collision in el el dorado county were released. a prius slammed into a mini-van. a 10-year-old girl from oakland lost her mom, dad and brother in that crash. a 4-year-old girl from pollack pines died in the accident. and this vallejo father was charged with murdering a 17-year-old who may have gotten into a fight with his son. randy demar williams was arrested after the shooting at a house party. tonight san jose police have a suspect in custody charged with the murder of a 16-year-old boy killed in may. 18-year-old jacob harrow was arrested friday in morgan hill. he was wanted in the killing of rueben zamora who was shot on virginia avenue near king road on may 26th. hair row is charged with attempted murder after wounding another person with the same incident. the shooting was gang-related. colleges are under fire. a one-time insider is blowing the whistle saying the schools he worked for lied to students about the jobs they can expect when they graduate.
11:36 pm
abc's mark green black got a look at the documents that proved this claim and has this abc news investigation. >> a wretched fraud. >> they are talking about one of the largest for profit colleges in the country. the education management corporation which runs more than 100 colleges offering everything from a masters of design to degrees in nursing. >> you could make it happen. >> this former supervisor turned whistle-blower is suing, alleging the company deceives marketing materials by falsely inflating success statistics. >> they manipulated the job replacement by counting students working in a job that they did not need the degree for. >> you think this is all intentional. >> it is intentional. it is the business model. >> case in point, sara fisher in indiana. jay i feel like i have been lied to and i am angry about it. >> fisher said she was sucked in by a recruiter. >> they told me i would be
11:37 pm
making 35,000 to $40,000 a year. >> but he gave abc news an exclusive look the a internal company documents which show edmc still counting fisher's $16,000 a year job as a success. >> i work at wal-mart in customer service. >> she got the job long before graduation. but the school claims it is related to her degree. >> they are lying. i placed myself in that job not the college. >> and here is more. the company claims job success for this fashion marketing grads, this accounting major and this business tbrad. but huey says edmc's own documents show this one is actually working for minimum wage selling shoes. one works at mcdonalds and the other a janitor. edmc declined an interview but wrote us to say we believe the claims raised are wholly without merritt saying he was not employed in career services and the company has a high code of ethics. we asked senator dick durbin
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to review documents. >> it is just plain fraud. and your whistle-blower has brought it to light. they were suked in dash cash sucd in by the ad. >> about $24,000 in the hole for a degree i can't use. >> both the florida and new york attorney's general have open investigations for separate instances of misleading their students of the. apple asked a federal court to add six more products to the pat assistant infringement suit. they include the galaxy note 2. the case is one of two lawsuits against samsung. apple claims the tablets and smart phones in fringed on the patents. we are winding down one of the busiest travel days of the year to might as people return home from thanksgiving. here is a look at traffic tonight on i-80 from our emeryville tower cam. 43 million people were expected to travel 50 mules or more this -- 50 miles or more
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this holiday weekend. most travelers flew. the majority of the lights at sfo and oakland are on time tonight. on a day like this, sfo handles a lot of people. >> about 130,000 passengers processing through the san francisco international airport. 65,000 are coming through the front door. others are coming in and flying in and arriving or flying in and then going back out. >> with less than an hour to go, the chp reports seven people have been killed on bay area roads with 159 others arrested for dui. san francisco firefighters are off to a quick start in their annual holiday toy drive. organizers of run wild san francisco collected hundreds of toys donated by runners taking part in the 5k funny vent. fun event. the toy program is the oldest program of its kind in the nation. also in san francisco, seniors and people with low incomes enjoyed a holiday meal at the aqua particular park
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senior center. the meals were courtesey of project open hand that serves 2600 meals a day. officials at project open hand remind us that many people in our neighborhoods are hungry, sick and alone and could use a helping hand. just ahead, a seven on your side follow-up. a look at paypal and their policy of holding funds. coming up, the big changes that could be coming thanks to our investigation. and the blockbuster week and -- week end at the box office. >> and a little traveling heading back east. we will pinpoint the destination for you. and a look
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how long should paypal be allowed to put your money on hold? some customer accounts have been frozen for months and while paypal is promising changes consumer groups say they haven't come quickly enough. michael finney has been following the story and tonight has an update. >> so what i would like to see is some movement on the part of paypal. i will be sitting by my phone waiting for them to call. >> that was the reaction of assembly member after 7 on your side brought the issue to his attention. a recent 7 on your side investigation found paypal has been denying account holders access to their own money for as long as 21 days if they
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suspect unusual activity on their account. days after our report aired, the phone call from paypal came. a meeting was held between paypal, assemblyman tom amiano's office and the union. >> our primary concern is that we want to make sure that consumer's money is not being held for unseasonably long periods of time. >> the meeting took place as anger over the policy was bubbling up on the blogosphere and the court. paypal agreed to consider making changes. elliott j stock wrote a scathing blog about this issue titled "good riddance paypal." paypal's new president posted his response a few days later. there is a massive culture change happening right now. he wrote, if -- we will do something about it. >> the new president of paypal
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has been on record as stating that they have gotten the message from our lawsuit and from consumer complaints. >> that is jeffrey leon from the complex litigation group. he filed on behalf of users who say their accounts were frozen longer than 21 days. the accounts of thousands of paypal customers have been frozen six months. that is something paypal denied in september to 7 on your side. but now it admits it happens on rare occasions when it is in the process of closing someone's account. >> thousands upon thousands of instances where sellers have been flagged by paypal as somehow being associated with fraud and had many thousands of dollars in their paypal account frozen for suks months and weren't told why. >> a settlement was agreed to by both sides and awaiting approval by a judge which would provide greater disclosure about paypal policies. much of those policies are
11:46 pm
currently buried in agreements. abc7's legal analyst says it is a good settlement. >> it is a good settlement in the sense that it is better than no settlement. that's what class actions do. >> they say they won't be satisfied until those long hold times are shortened. >> it is something we want paypal to look at carefully. >> paypal says it is currently reviewing the issue and it declined to comment on camera, but sent us an e-mailed statement. as we continue with our efforts to improve products and services i expect additional changes. we have nothing further to uh mourns right now. >> i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. they have had two meetings with paypal since our story aired. and they say the changes shouldn't be taking this long to implement. no new meetings are scheduled at this time. a record breaking weekend at the box office. kristen's final turn as bella in "breaking dawn part 2" was
11:47 pm
number one for the second straight weekend. the movie pulled in $64 million during the five-day holiday stretch raising the total to $227 million. the bond adventure "sky fall" came in number two with $51 million and" lincoln" finished third. it was an all-time high thanksgiving week with $290 million in box office receipts from wednesday to sunday. let's check on our weather one last time. >> and if you are traveling back east, actually anywhere across the united states tomorrow, it doesn't look half bad. new york tomorrow sunshine and 47. dc warming to 51 degrees. you may encounter some rain down to dallas and maybe even toward new orleans. 73 degrees there. 42 in denver with some sunshine. salt lake city forts 7. and even seattle will be a dry day at 46 degrees. around our state, some fog problems early tomorrow morning. the central valley, fresno, bakersfield and down toward l.a.x. maybe some flight
11:48 pm
delays early tomorrow morning as well as sfo with some of the visibilities dropping off around the bay area. other than that terrific weather. 80 palm springs, 69 for fresno. tahoe 54. a dry day for us here locally. monday and tuesday, tuesday signs of change as the clouds thicken up. storm system number one will move in on wednesday. rain and wind. we will get a break on thursday, and then another system will move in on friday with more rain and wind. very unsettled right through next weekend as well. we'll keep you updated on that. >> thank you, leigh. shu is here with sports. stamps are thinking rose bowl. >> they will host ucla for the title and a ticket to the rose bowl. wait, didn't they just play yesterday? they did and they will
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stanford and ucla will face-off in their first pack 12 championship at stanford with the winner getting a birth in the rose bowl. stanford winning the first round. sanford as usual ran all over ucla. they do it every week. taylor added two touchdowns. red shirt freshman quarterback looked impressive despite seven stanford sacks. it is hard to beat a team two times in a row. having just played a team can be helpful.
11:52 pm
>> the things we did positively we have to know that ucla is going to come back and have answers. the thing they did positive we have to make sure we fix those things that hurt us. in i can it, the tightened made some out standing plays. he is a big tall guy. he got away from us a couple times. there are a lot of things we have to make sure we do better. >> while we are down on the farm, stanford women hosting long beach state. he lead the cardinals 18 points and finds the bottom of the net for three. 16 points and 11 rebounds and never giving up on this bucket. 6-0 with a dominating 77-41 victory. all right, for the men, cal facing pacific in the championship game of the direct tv classic. he always has his team prepared. he lead with 24 points and great off balance shot here. and the foul. cal shot just under 53 percent from the field.
11:53 pm
he threw down 20. mccloud had five of his eight turnovers. the one handed slam and cal went 78-58. that is their first 6-0 start since 2007. they face georgia tech in the same tournament. georgia tech with 11 three's in the first four games. brandon reid males two of them. they turned the ball over 21 times. georgia tech takes third place in the tournament. 65-56 the final. all right, to the nfl where 49er quarterback kaepernick got a start against the saints even though smith was okayed to play. alex cannot be happy about this, but he is being a good soldier. 9ers on the board first.
11:54 pm
a little option and 7-yard td run. and then drew brees says i've got game too. club record 56 touchdown catch. 14-7 saints. breeze three td passes. then the defense came alive. under a minute to go and brooks pick six and 50 yards and his first career touchdown and tied at 14 at the half. let's go to the third quarter. finds frank gore and his first td catch of the year. you know that is worth a little dance. niners are up by seven. he lays him out. he goes 42 yards. three touchdowns and in a span of three minutes and 52 seconds and first time they had two pick six's. that's a huge road win 31-21 your final. >> my teammates always supported me. they were great. they were a huge reason i was able to go out and play as well as i have. they have always been behind me and telling me to key
11:55 pm
working. we will get touchdowns. >> colin played well. again in a toughen environment he did a great job with managing the game and calling the game and moving the team in and out of the huddle. >> interesting to see who will start next week. the raiders have not quit on the season of the that's the good news. the bad news they had to battle the bengals and the officials. carson palmer back to the team who drafted him. he was traded to the raiders. andy dalton with three td passes . look at this catch. only needs one hand. bengals 289 yards in the first half. they were up 24-0. the raiders don't quit. dominating in the third, carson palmer to moore. he had 146 yards and one td and a pick. 24-10 bengals. this is where the raiders are robbed. he strips the ball and then look at this and knocks it
11:56 pm
back in bounds. the raiders scoop and score, but the inadvertent whistle was blown and no result as a -- no review as a result. false start and the play blown dead and houston doesn't care. throws dalton to the ground and that started a brawl. benches empty and they were ejected from oakland. raiders lose their fourth straight for the first time since 2008. they fall to 3-8. 34-10 your final. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino and san jose state in the bcs rankings for the first time ranked 25th. congratulations, a 10-2 record. jim harbaugh will be dodging questions tomorrow on who will start next week. >> it will be interesting and we will have it at aces:00. >> thank you, shu. that's it for this edition. abc news president coulds tomorrow morning at 4:30. for everyone here thank you for joining us. don't forget you can get the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app now available for your android and on google
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your android and on google play.
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Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 1280
Pixel height 720
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Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 11/26/2012